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Premo Inspections & Energy Audits

Energy Audit Services

Experience, not Experiments

Energy Audit Services

  • Duct Leakage test for existing homes during home inspection.
  • Customized energy audits for specific customer needs.

Customized Energy Audit Solutions to Meet Your Energy Requirements

Windows and Shading Attic Insulation
Type and R-value of ceiling and vertical attic insulation, thermal openings between floors, properly dammed recessed lights, exhaust fans and exhaust vents.
Heating & Cooling Air Duct System
Type and conditions of air ducts and plenum's, return air sizing, duct pressure leakage test, age and energy efficiency of heating and air conditioning equipment.
Air Infiltration
Condition of the exterior door weather-stripping, caulk or sealant around plumbing penetrations and sealing and insulation of attic stair box or hatch.


See something missing?

This builder forgot to insulate all ceiling areas in this new home. Current model codes recommend the ceiling to be stinsulated to a minimum R-38.

Premo Inspections and Energy Audits is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Francis Primeaux.  Francis is a Texas Real Estate Commission licensed Professional Inspector, license #5629. Call 512.925.4282 to schedule your next home inspection or energy audit.
You can e-mail me at: francis@premoinspections.com