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Customer Testimonials

Experience, not Experiments

Customer Testimonials


 "If 'excessively strict about code and insanely detail-oriented' is your goal, I highly recommend Francis at Premo Inspections. He's done numerous homes for us and has never failed to impressive with his thoroughness or ability to find random things that are not to code." Cheng Z.


"Thank you for the prompt report and the work you did for us.  I appreciate your professionalism and will pass on your name when the opportunity arises."  Gene M.


"Thank you very much for your professional evaluation of the home we are considering for purchase.  Your knowledge of the Texas building code is exemplary and serves well to build customer confidence in your evaluations.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing home inspection services." Susan D.

“First, thanks so much for the thorough work you have done for us so far.  I really feel that you have gone beyond the call of duty and are truly acting in our best interest.”  Ricardo G.


"Thank you for your excellent, thorough job.  We will certainly recommend you whenever we can."  Ginny J. 


      Can you see it?

Home inspections and energy audits are all about the details.  Seeing what others do not, writing thorough reports and taking the time with each customer to give them the help that they expect from a Premo Inspection or Energy Audit.

Premo Inspections and Energy Audits is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Francis Primeaux.  Francis is a Texas Real Estate Commission licensed Professional Inspector, license #5629. Call 512.925.4282 to schedule your next home inspection or energy audit.
You can e-mail me at: francis@premoinspections.com