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Premo Inspections & Energy Audits


Experience, not Experiments

Home Inspection Pricing

"Premo" TREC inspection, with photo's, diagrams and  an easy to read detailed report.
  • Detailed oral onsite description of home at the time of the inspection with buyer and their realtor.
  • Comprehensive written report email before 9 AM the day after the inspection.
  • $280 Minimum.

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Optional Systems Pricing

  • Lawn & Garden Sprinkler Systems -- $35
  • Pool -- $100
  • Hot Tub -- $50
  • Pier & Beam Foundation -- $100
  • Pressurized Duct Leakage Test -- $ 100 Minimum
  • Re-Inspections* $150

Pricing subject to change without notice.


Drain to the outside?

The safety pan, under the water heater, lacked a drain pipe to the outside. Where water heaters are installed in locations where leakage of the tanks or connections will cause damage to the building, the water heater should be installed on a galvanized steel pan having a minimum thickness of twenty-four gage or other pans listed for such use. The pan should be drained to the outside of the building by a waste pipe having a minimum diameter of one inch.

Premo Inspections and Energy Audits is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Francis Primeaux.  Francis is a Texas Real Estate Commission licensed Professional Inspector, license #5629. Call 512.925.4282 to schedule your next home inspection or energy audit.
You can e-mail me at: francis@premoinspections.com